Tuesday, December 01, 2009

okay, okay, I came to my senses

I got a lot of responses on and off the blog about my post yesterday where I wrote about my fibroid diagnosis and how I'm going back to the same crappy doctor I hated to deal with it. To a one, the readers felt I was making a big mistake seeing Dr Condescension again.

Also, I got out my calendar to look up when I'd had the ultrasound, and it took Dr. Condescension one full month to get back to me with my test results. Irritatingly enough the sweet nurse who finally called me was kind of panicky sounding that she couldn't get me in within a week for an appointment to set up a treatment... which was ironic since a month had already gone by.

I am willing to take a big part of the blame there. When I never heard back within a week or two, I should have called and nagged them to pull the test results and look at them. In my defense, I had meningitis and felt like crap and could barely do anything, but still, if one doesn't hear back about test results, one should call up and be persistent.

I spent a couple hours this morning trying to get a new doctor. I can't see the fibroids specialist who heads up a special fibroids clinic until January. Every single primary care doctor recommended by a friend is not accepting new patients. I ended up agreeing to an unheard-of doctor at a recommended practice, whom I will see tomorrow morning. If I don't like him, I can try another doctor in that practice (and I will, since I've paid $129 as a new patient fee to get my foot in the door at that boutique practice). I'm leaving my appointment with Dr. Condescending on the calendar for now, and I am keeping open an appointment in January with the hotshot fibroids doctor as fallbacks.

I just wish my old doctor hadn't left. I've had the same bad luck trying to get a new dentist since my Dr. Huey moved to Arizona. Thankfully my children have a good doctor and a good dentist.


hughman said...

well you sound a lot better. again, from experience, i think part of this is being in charge of your own care and being proactive. though i know you're in pain, at least january isn't that far away if need be. you did good. just keep in mind when you see these new doctors what you expect and need and how strong you've been to get there! xx

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to find a good Doctor since we moved from SF. And, Damn, Kaiser was such a good insurance compared to Aetna. I simply do not UNDERSTAND how my insurance works. I've tried to figure it out, but they make themselves impossible to understand to the degree that you just give up and go out of pocket to see who you want when you want without them denying every claim. UGH.

I feel for you.

I hope the new doctor is better.

Anonymous said...

My hugs and prayers are with you!


Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous, you can buy a Unicorn With Stabbing Action Horns at the comic book store in the Castro. I got one for Lola, who had begged for it for ages. It comes with a businessman and a new age woman for the unicorn to stab.