Sunday, December 06, 2009

a pleasure wasted on the young

The other day I was playing Warcraft, and someone was seeking others to join him in a twenty-five person raid. One of my guildmates reacted: "I hate that guy!" I asked why, and my guildie elaborated. "He only does .624 damage. He dies all the time; he's always bugging the druids for battle rezzes." My guildmate went on and on, thoroughly dissecting and condemning this other player, finally winding up by saying, "He's fourteen."

"He should understand that Warcraft is a game for the middle-aged," I said.

My guildmates, who are almost without an exception middle-aged, all agreed. Perhaps in twenty-five years this other player might mature into a good Warcraft player. In the meantime "someone should send him a 'Hello Kitty Island Adventure' membership" one snarked.


Silliyak said...

Do they have Denny's breakfast specials in WOW for us oldies?

hughman said...

yes, early bird specials and lipitor potions.

Fortywinx said...

Ah yes the tweenagers running around on WoW always used to get on my nerves too, although to be fair there were plenty of people my age who still acted as though they were 12 too XD
Everyone knows all computer games are for kids though, right? ^_^

Silliyak said...

How about Viagra Shakes?

Martha Ellen Cahalan said...

I know this is off topic but you said you missed Mama Mango a few years ago.

Jennifer Van Laanen is back online:

If you want know what happened to her when she disappeared off the internet ten years ago go here:

Perhaps, you already know that. I just found her today.

Stevie said...

amazingly its the 12 year old in the guild I'm in is an exceptional player, and the 40 year old who plays a pally dies most often.

If I hadn't heard him over vent I wouldn't believe the kid was really 12.