Sunday, December 06, 2009

a raw fish

"Did you know Audrey ate a raw fish?" asked first grader Lola. "I heard about it at school. Once Audrey was at the beach, and there was a big wave coming [measures about 2 feet with hands], and she wanted to drink it. So she opened her mouth really wide, and she drank it in.... AND THERE WAS A FISH IN IT! So she ate that raw fish."

(This is the same Lola who treats virtually every utterance coming from her mother's lips with complete disbelief and condescension).

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hughman said...

omg, you didn't know this about aubrey? where have you been, don't you read the news or watch network television?? meryl streep is slated to star in "Aubrey's Fish" detailing the whole horrendous ordeal so people can relive the story and remember where they were when they first heard. i was performing on broadway. what? don't believe me?