Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sociopathic contractor update

I haven't had many run-ins with the sociopathic contractor lately, in large part because some storms have interfered with his construction project. But this morning, he woke me up starting construction at an ungodly early hour. It was 7:22 when I gave up and consulted the clock.

As a veteran insomniac, my sleep is incredibly fragile and precious to me. It's completely unfathomable why this man feels he can run motorized equipment, hammer and saw in a residential neighborhood so early. The Sober Husband went out for a chat with the workers, who say they have the right to start work at 7:00 AM but apologized.

We have no complaints against the actual workers. The husband actually tried to help them the other night when they were locked out of their car and the police came by and questioned them. (It's a pretty white, upscale neighborhood, and someone other than us must have called the police). My problem is with their boss, that pocket-sized sociopath. I smile at the workers when I cross their path as they are moving pylons into the street.


Anonymous said...

Pocket-sized sociopath! I love it! Why is it that it seems as though most sociopaths are pocket-sized??

Freewheel said...

Are you suggesting that he has size issues?