Thursday, October 04, 2007

the song of the pink and gold Barbie

This morning Lola made up a very long and complicated song, which she sung while waving her new birthday Barbie about. I sneakily slipped into the study and wrote down as many of the lyrics as I could while she sang. Later, I told her, "I loved your song!"


"That song you made up!"


"This morning, when you were singing!"


After several rounds of this, we established that the Barbie made up and performed the song, not Lola. Anyhow, here, for your delectation, are some of the lyrics written by the pink and gold birthday Barbie:

You have to be completely yourself!
Be completely emotion-full!
Be completely ocean-full!
Oh, change the world with love!
Oh, sing along!
You can attract it even if you don't sing along!
But please choose to sing along!
Please make a choice with action!
Please make a choice!
Please let it be my choice!
'Cuz I really need a partner, so please choose my idea.

It started out rather stirring and inspirational (which is when I started secretly writing down the lyrics), but it devolved into rather pathetic begging. Somehow, that seems to suit the core concept of Barbie.


hughman said...

oh god. to think all the arcs of my relationships have been boiled down into a song sung by barbie. i'm assuming it's something in the human genes.

Missy said...

I love the Barbie song!

I can see it being sung by all the Barbies on a telethon.

And the Sober Husband did a great job picking out a gift. My husband used to do the same with Valentine's or the stray gift, which annoyed me to no end, his last minute convenient gifts were bigger hits than my careful ones.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with Barbie - she's finally being honest with her emotions. All that smiling was starting to look unhealthy.

FENICLE said...

What? Barbie sounds like a good thing with those lyrics!! Who knew she had it in her.