Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's a wonder

Iris loomed over me as I was reading the latest Richard Russo novel, rubbing her surgically gloved hands together (she has many pairs of these disposable gloves, enjoying the squeaking sounds they make when rubbed together). "You make me nervous!" I complained. "I feel like you're going to perform some kind of medical procedure on me."

"Have you ever had a medical procedure?"

"Oh God, yes."

After much questioning, I explained that, on various occasions, I'd had my gallbladder, miscellaneous gallstones, and a growth removed (I forgot to mention the operation I had to remove part of Lola's placenta). Iris was spellbound.

"With so many things removed from you, it's a wonder you can still stand!"


Vodalus said...

haha, you should have offered up some gruesome details regarding her birth while you were at it.

also, if she's a tactile person, tell her to try wearing small gloves underneath larger gloves. (trust the scientist.)

hughman said...

i'm sure, minus your gall bladder, you walk all rubber legged around the house with the kitties jumping all over you and causing you to wobble.