Sunday, October 28, 2007

just a little ray of sunshine

I tend to be a bit of a negative person, given to ranting and kvetching and bitching, but here are some Things I Love:

* coffee from Southeast Asia. Most of all, I love Celebes Kalossi coffee, oh the best coffee for me ever, but also Mokka Java and Sulawesi. These are the coffees for me. When I went to Borneo, I didn't get a bad cup of coffee. Of course, there coffee was traditionally served with a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the cup, so one may stir in as much as one wishes. I would drink my coffee like that every day were it not so fattening (evidently I am not so metabolically gifted or energetic as the Borneans);

* Wesley Anderson's movies. I'm excited to see his newest film (hoping to cajole my parents into a night of babysitting when they visit soon). I loved "Rushmore", "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", and "The Royal Tenenbaums." He's my ideal director/visionary, one who creates a film with a strong ensemble cast, clever dialogue, and understated yet complex backdrops;

* Lola! She slept in her Halloween costume two nights in a row, loving it so much. "It's not even itchy one bit", she gallantly insisted;

* "The Walking Dead" ongoing comic serial. People, zombies are the new vampire! Auteur Robert Kirkman has the ambition of running his comic book for thirty years, covering the every day life of men after the onslaught of the zombies, and he's given us many a volume so far. Currently I am FRIGGING SPELLBOUND, waiting anxiously for the current cliffhanger to be resolved (hopefully without too many of my favorite characters being killed). Mr. Kirkman is a gifted author, and his scenarios are so stmospheric that they can interfere with one's sleep;

* sangria! I made a large pitcher today with two bottles of red wine, a cup of cognac (I was out of brandy, so had to use cognac... at least I didn't delve into the armagnac for it), and the customary fruit and sugar. How I love a traditional sangria;

* my current litter of foster kitten tabbies, who love to curl up against my neck and purr. Yes, they have a lot of litterbox accidents, but they are so snuggly and dear;

* driving barefoot. Why is this illegal? I have perfect control over the gas and brake with my muscular and flexible big toe, which is more responsive when not blunted by an awkward shoe. How I love to drive barefoot, accelerating and braking with such sensitivity yet verve;

* "Project Runway Canada", which features Iman as the Heidi Klum. The judges are oh so polite, living up to the stereotype of Nice Canadians, but the designers are just as egotistical, short-tempered, given to bursting into song to mock the others, and short-sighted as the American designers. And the clothes: Sheer Genius strutting down the runway next to Oh So Misguided. I could never get enough of "Project Runway Canada." Check out the Slice channel site, which features blogs by the designers (love Biddell's bitchy blog, where he refers to himself constantly in the third person as "the Biddell" and where he snarks at guest judges/Heatherette designers, calling them "the Paris Hilton of fashion").


M said...

so, what's Lola's costume?

wan' photos!

hokgardner said...

On what channel does one watch PR Canada? I'd love to check it out.

the Drunken Housewife said...

I'll put up a pic of Lola & Iris in costume soon! Lola is a "witch fairy." She picked a very feminine and fun witch costume from the pattern book, with a short, multi-layer tattered skirt made from 4 different fabrics (for the main fabrics, she picked a black netting with occasional large spiders and the same fabric done in red). Because the costume is a little bit like a fairy (a poufy full skirt), she calls it a "witch fairy." She slept in it again last night, taking it off to take a bath and then putting it back on again. She has changed her underwear, but she has worn the witch fairy ever since I finished it days ago.

Hokgardner, join me & Iris in our Project Runway Canada obsession! Pick some favorite designers and dish with us! You can't watch it on TV in the U.S. (at least as far as I know), but you can watch it online. I am going to edit the main post to put the link there. (You can also search for it on bit torrents, but the legal thing to do is watch online. There have been 3 episodes aired so far, all fabulous, and the 4th episode airs in Canada tonight. I think Iris and I are going to try to see that tomorrow).

hughman said...

i think it's funny that Canada landed Iman who is infinately classier than heidi klum. the other host, however, is no tim gunn.

yay! pictures! and iris too!

the Drunken Housewife said...

I completely agree with you about Iman and Tim Gunn. Iman is so intelligent; her beautiful, dignified voice and her bright mind add an extra dimension to her hosting missing in the American version. But Tim Gunn... we adore Tim Gunn here. Brian tries hard, but he's not Tim G. I winced when he once said, "Make it work."

hokgardner said...

Hmmmm. I tried to watch an episode on the link you provided, but it told me the video wasn't available in my country. Odd.

hughman said...

also, filed under "my, how times have changed" :

when i was in high school we had a group of about 10 of us who would get together at our english teacher's house and watch movies (actual reels) we'd check out from the library. Citizen Kane, Clockwork Orange, Now Voyager. i was 15.

anyhoo, we'd also make homemade sangria!! we considered it a cultural thing. we also made homemade egg rolls to eat. i also baked bread every weekend for my family. i would even get baking supplies as christmas presents.

god i was so weird. that's all.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Hokgardner, email me at!

AnnPW said...

Driving barefoot is illegal? Who knew! DH, I'd love for you to come visit me at my new place. Any gal who bills herself as someone who "probably drinks too much, thinks too much, and doesn't get enough exercise" is someone I'd love to spend more time with.

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

Driving barefoot is not, in fact, illegal. No state has a law on the books regarding it.
The more you know!

(I'm pretty sure I got that off snopes or the like)