Friday, August 18, 2006

wish me strength

Tonight is the night Lucy's been looking forward to all week: her pajama party (the guests include me and Anton; snobby Iris is above attending a 3 year-old sister's function). She's going to be allowed to stay up all night long (read: until she drops). Everyone will wear pajamas and play sardines until the wee hours!!

This is the husband's idea. Ever since Lucy saw a Bananas in Pajamas story about the Bananas' pajama party, she's been obsessed. I suggested at one of her playdates that she play pajama party, and she screamed and screamed. "I want a real pajama party ... where you stay up all night long!"

God. Wish me strength.

11:18 update: I'm tired, despite having had two Red Bulls earlier in the evening. Lucy reports whiningly, "This is a pajama party, but Daddy is getting sleepy!" Iris has consented to going to bed, even though Lucy's staying up for her pajama party, under the conditions that (a) she get a good bedtime snack, (b) Anton reminds her to disinfect her newly pierced ears, (c) Lucy is required to brush Lucy's teeth, and (d) "you KEEP QUIET!" at the pajama party. What a little lawyer. She recited her list of conditions several times to make it all clear.


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