Tuesday, August 01, 2006

our days

Iris and Lucy:

"We're going to the mall, so put your shoes on!" demanded Iris bossily.

"I hate the mall," said three year-old Lucy.

"That is the STUPIDEST THING I have EVER heard! How can anyone hate a mall?" (Iris paused at this point to call her father on his celphone to inform him that Lucy hates the mall).

Returning to the fray, Iris explained, "A mall is a whole bunch of stores. It's like stores all rolled together into one store. Indoors. How can anyone possibly hate a store of stores? It's crazy!"

Although Lucy complained bitterly all the way to the mall, when she arrived there, she said, "I love it here! I want to stay here until I want to leave!" At various times, when finished with our errands, Iris begged to go home, Lucy would demand, "I want to stay until I want to leave!"

"Ruins"-induced sanity watch update: basically back to normal (or what passes for normal with me), although I did flinch as I walked past an exuberant, red-flowered vine today while going to my friend Lisa's house.


Green said...

I love "I want to stay here until I want to leave!"

Freewheel said...

"I love it here. I want to stay here until I want to leave!"

That's awesome. I think I'll call my boss right now and express that sentiment to her.

Steve said...

I had just finished reading the latest Penny Arcade comic and then read this post. Iris and Lucy's conversation sounds like something that those guys would draw. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

PS: For the record, I don't understand today's Penny Arcade, but I do understand Lucy and Iris.