Sunday, August 06, 2006

the unbearable cuteness of Lola

Lucy isn't answering to "Lucy" these days; she's gone back to using her preferred name, Lola. (She adopted this name after the girls went through a phase of obsessively watching "Shark Tales", after the glamorous, gold-digging fish voiced by Angelina Jolie. Ms. Jolie's hypnotic sway extends beyond Brad Pitt to Lucy/Lola). Aside from that, she's been positively adorable.

Yesterday she was cranky, and I cheered her up by making up a song about her. "Looola is a special girl" and so on (sung to the tune of the "Red Dwarf" theme). She danced and danced as I sang, and then she began interjecting her own, very different lyrics: "She always eats the right things! She doesn't eat junk!"

As you may have guessed, Lola has discovered how much people in our milieu adore a child with good eating habits. Whenever she wants attention from grownups other than her parents, she'll spread her arms wide, beam out a big Shirley Temple smile, and say, "I LOVE BROCCOLI!"

Today I was yet again appointed physician to her ailing toys, this time presented with a grubby Teletubby who had allegedly taken ill. As I poked through the toy veterinarian kit, which doubles as a toy pediatrician kit, I discovered my nice glasses case. I opened it, expecting to see my glasses, but instead Lucy had substituted a toy rubber dogbone. What slayed me is that it fit perfectly. It was as though my glasses case had been wasted all this time on my glasses, when in reality it was made to house the vet kit's faux dogbone.

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Freewheel said...

She sounds very cute. It's great that you keep a sense of humor with your kids.