Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a morning not from hell

After yesterday's stressful morning, I am happy to report that today's was much better. Before I got out of bed, Anton reported, "Their majesties are hungry" (referring to the foster kittens, mewing their tiny guts out for breakfast). After having had a halfway decent night's sleep, I was able to face the morning with equanimity. I'm still limited in what I can do with my left hand, due to the large burn on my palm (dramatically shaped just like a Stealth bomber), but thankfully it wasn't my right hand.

Anton even made the coffee and brought me a cup while I was spoonfeeding the kittens. It still took me nearly an hour and a half to feed the kittens, medicate the kittens, medicate Al, feed the grown-up cats, clean the kittens' box, bathe the kittens, warm up the kittens' bizarre warming frisbee (a non-electrical, microwavable heating pad), and dry and warm the kittens. Only one phone call during this morning routine, which I let go to the answering machine.

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