Tuesday, August 08, 2006

call the police! call the police!

We have many pets, and the most charismatic pet is Frowsty, aka Frowstomatic the King, aka Frowstomatic The Immortal God. Frowsty is a fluffy black cat who knows everyone adores him and parcels out his affection stingily in return. Currently his most annoying habit is that he catches butterflies and releases them, crippled, into the house. This distresses Lucy no end, who is afraid of butterflies and other insects, and who will genuinely freak out, sobbing.

The last few days, Lucy has been demanding that I call the police on Frowsty. I tried to explain that you can't ask the cops to arrest your own cat, but Lucy won't hear of it. When Frowstomatic brings in a maimed butterfly, Lucy hounds me and hounds me, tears in her eyes, "CALL THE POLICE! CALL THE POLICE! CALL THE POLICE!"

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