Wednesday, August 09, 2006

teamwork and disgust

We saw "The Ant Bully" today, a movie about a child who kills ants but is shrunk down to ant size and made to join the colony. Lucy professed to dislike the movie, but then when we came home, all evening long, she kept saying firmly, "Teamwork! That is what I always say! It's about teamwork!" Never mind that the word "teamwork" was not in her vocabulary until she saw the film; she says, "I love to say 'teamwork!' It's all about teamwork! That is what I always say!"

Iris and I have been fighting over my computer. Anton, without my knowledge or consent, installed several seasons of "The Simpsons" on my computer. That means that computer-savvy Iris can, whenever she likes, turn on my computer and sit, rapt, watching episode after episode of "The Simpsons." Never mind that my parental policy, which the husband had allegedly signed on to, was that there is no TV and no videos or DVDs during the day. Now the computer allows Iris constant access to beloved animation. Whenever I want to check my email or surf the web, I have a battle on my hands.

The other day, I was selling my Burning Man tickets on ebay, and I really needed access to my computer. I threw Iris off, mid-Simpsons episode, telling her I would just do my email and not take long. She hung over my shoulder, stating ominously, "I am watching you... WITH DISGUST." I lost all composure.

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Green said...

I wonder if tomorrow you'll be serving Iris with a restraining order...