Monday, April 09, 2007

fallout from the First, Possibly Annual, Readers' Photo Contest

Don't hate me because I am beautiful; hate me because I'm rude and bitchy. Heh. Keep in mind that not only do my commentaters write tongue in cheek, so do I:

Given that the First, Possibly Annual, Photo Contest definitely has some entertainment value, I think we'll definitely do it again (Celebrity Guest Judge Hughman and I like to make some little bit of fun for ourselves when we can). However, there has been a bit of controversy stirred up.

First, esteemed commenter and First Runner-Up Jim says it is "bullshit" that we didn't print the racy photos of Grand Prize Winner Jack's Raging Mommy. Jim, if Jack's Raging Mommy gives me permission, I would show the pictures, but only if she gives permission, which we won't cajole her or browbeat her into doing. After all, Jack will hit puberty and take up searching the internet for racy pictures at some point, and we don't want to be responsible for his getting excited over some pictures and then realizing, "Oh.. my ... God, I'm looking at pictures of my mother. I'm going to hell."

Jim speculates that his lack of cleavage stopped him from being declared a Grand Prize Winner, and a number of commentators have urged Jim to submit some racy pictures of his own. If you think you have Grand Prize Winner material to show us, Jim, we here at Drunken Housewife Industries will be happy to provide you with a forum in which to show your stuff. We'll upgrade your title retroactively if the pictures are stirring enough, and you'll make our Vermont correspondent, among others, happy. (Adding joy to the lives of hard-drinking housewives: what could be more uplifting?)

Next, our delightful commentater Susie Derk wonders why her picture was left out. Because you didn't send it to me until I was literally in the act of declaring the winners, honey. And, not to be a whiner, but it took me some time and effort to get the layout to work reasonably well, fitting in all those pictures, and with all the resizing and adding text and moving things about, I was in no mood to add more work for myself. But in any event, I present to you the charming Susie Derk, with our very own Celebrity Guest Judge, Hughman!

Awww, aren't they cute?

Finally, our Drunken Househusband, Silliyak, is suddenly quibbling because he doesn't drink and doesn't feel that title is appropriate. Oh, Silliyak, after all this time you suddenly tell us you neither drink yourself nor admire the practice in others? We know you can't cherish the joys of glutenous foods (and if you ever came to our home, we'd pick up some treats in the gluten-free section of our yuppie supermarket; we did entertain a little celiac friend of Iris Uber Alles here before without sparking any medical crises). But not drinking? And dismissing the sweet, sweet joys of alcohol, our dear companion? You're not even a caffeine man. Say it isn't so.


Anonymous said...

You can show the blurry one- you don't really see all that much, and I look really hot in it :)

Silliyak said...

Well, you DID misinterpret my remarks a bit. I don't really care about others states of sobriety. Most everyone I know drinks and I get to be the designated driver which is ok by me. I just felt it was a truth in advertising issue.

JKG said...

Allow me to qualify that my remarks were written with tongue firmly in cheek (thumb firmly in palm?). Not that I'd object -- if we're gonna see the winners, let's see the winners, right?

Double entendre intended.

hughman said...

god thats a horrible picture of me. but a good one of susie.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, this has more controversy than the miss usa pagent!

Steve said...

I am hoping that Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell will get involved soon!

Trouble said...

Wait, if I'd submitted racey photos, I might have won? Dang. I wish I'd known.

nikki said...

thanks for putting in the picture. :)
I will quit bitching now. :)

nikki said...

PS... Hughman, I have others of you. I would be happy to send along.