Monday, April 02, 2007

last chance for the photo contest! & horrible, terrible, no good very bad day

Photo contest deadline extended (but not forever, so procrastinateth not)So tonight I was going to confer with our esteemed Celebrity Guest Judge (Hughman!) and decide on the prizes, but eh, it's been such a horrible day I can't focus. Also, I have it on good authority that several readers (slackers! procrastinators! but beloved readers nonetheless) are "working on" getting their entries together, so my horrible day is your gain, as the fabulous prizes may yet be in your reach! We've had some great entries to date, although I am surprised that only Silliyak has featured a cat (or indeed any form of animal).

Horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day: It's so whiny and distasteful to go on in detail, so here's the summary: Insomnia. Sleep deprivation. Car left out of gas by spouse, discovered by moi at hour of driving child to school. Accountant informs us of massive tax liability. Giant tantrum by Lola en route to swimming class. Informed by husband that he, the official Softball Parent, needed me to drive the softball carpool (note: carpool driving includes supervising children for one hour before commencement of softball practice). Iris and a friend of hers bully Lola, resulting in me decreeing no videos, television, iPod, or other electronic delights for Iris for evening. Had to entertain tired, cold, cranky Lola for over an hour during idiotic softball practice. Discover that during the melee of unloading the carpool, sending children back into car for sweaters and soothing Lola's crying, I moronically locked keys in car. Cold, tired, hungry, thirsty, angry, (and broke! damn the IRS!), your faithful correspondent hit rock bottom.


Silliyak said...

If it's any consolation, my participation is totally a tribute and support for you and your blog. I hate the idea of putting my picture out there, but I do it for you (and Hughman). Things will get better, then they'll get worse, then better again and so on. Hope they get better soon.

JKG said...

As a child, Alexander and the T, H, N-G, V-B Day was, perhaps, my favorite story. Certainly in the top 5.

I'd be interested in a readers' selection children's stories from this crowd. It's always fun to hear what people read (or had read to them) as kids. Especially among a group of readers.