Thursday, April 26, 2007

the Idol of America

Until recently, I had sat out this particular American obsession. I didn't look down on those who were emotionally invested in the various iterations of it. I just didn't join in myself. I'm not up for watching a lot of television (aside from "The Amazing Race", "Survivor", and the occasional episode of "the Simpsons", which adds up to more than enough television for me, not to mention that I keep Lola company during some morning PBS cartoons), and "American Idol" seemed to require quite a time commitment from its fans. Mind you, it's not that I did anything particularly productive with my evenings; I just didn't spend them in front of "American Idol."

However, the first graders in our social ambit are diehard devotees, and Iris was determined to find out what she was missing. Additionally, the pointed observation that "Sarah watches every night with her dad" brought me into line. If the other parents are watching "American Idol" with their respective first graders, who am I to snobbishly sit aside with my Japanese crime fiction?

So now we not only watch, but we must watch attentively. Iris is required to go to bed as soon as "American Idol" finishes, so I have to man the redial button and get her votes in. So far, she -- working through me, her dialing agent -- has voted for LaKisha and Jordin; I voted for Sanjaya a few times in a passive-aggressive manner. (I am thinking of doing a ponyhawk and being Sanjaya for Halloween; the true bonus of that costume is that I would get to burst into song whenever I wished).

When "American Idol Gives Back" rolled around, Iris was practically beside herself. "It's musical history!" she screamed. "It's really important! They said so!" It was difficult for her to understand her parents' apathy. "Sweetheart," I tried to explain, "You are young. You haven't been jerked around by by television the way we have."


Anonymous said...

Never Ever would I watch American Idol. And I sure as heck wouldn't subject my daughter to such trash.

That being said, I voted a few weeks for Sanjaya via

It was the only pleasurable thing I ever found about AI.

But I am cynical like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joe. You're cool.