Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the Sober Husband has a special job

Lola mused today, "Anton is supposed to make sure I don't bite! That is his job, to make sure all day I don't bite."

"Oh, that's a biiiig responsibility," I said.

"Yes! He has to make sure all day and all night I don't bite! Except when he is working" (she said this part bitterly), "then he can't make sure I don't bite!"

In other news, Iris was offended by getting a conversation heart which said, "Kiss Me" from a classmate. "That's inappropriate," she huffed.


hughman said...

again, ROFL. me as a parent would = constantly giggling idiot.

does lola bite a lot? it's funny how lola thinks she need's policing to keep from biting while Iris needs policing from being kissed. both have an odd idea of what is PC.

maybe "give me a handshake" would have flown better.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Lola hasn't bitten anyone since she was a little toddler, and then it always seemed somewhat fair, bites against larger adversaries. For example, once Iris Uber Alles's evil first best friend was inciting Iris (back in the days when Iris loved her baby sister) to lock Lola out of the room where they were playing, and Lola leaned over to bite the hands as they attempted to fasten the anti-toddler gate.

hughman said...

so what's with the biting thing? maybe lola has a subliminated desire to defend iris?

ps. iris had an evil best friend?

oh it's all too freaudian for me. i have enough trouble figuring out polly.