Sunday, February 04, 2007

how much longer can this virtue be sustained?

I've just wrapped up two weeks without a single drink, not to mention that I've been following the Weight Watchers system and staying within its (reasonable) bounds, AND I've been selling emotionally-laden old memorabilia on eBay to try to raise enough money for an operation for Lola's cat.

"My God, how much more virtuous can I get?" I asked myself the other day when I was quilting while listening to the Dr. Laura show on the radio (true guilty pleasures, both of those; quilting means one buys a ton of fabric and has it piled up all over the house, and Dr. Laura is just so outre here in the Castro that I am ashamed to admit I listen. I just love hearing those idiots who call in; it makes me feel so happy about my own life).

I haven't worked this hard at being good since I was, as we called it, running a halfway house last year (we had a friend who was spiralling out of control with alcoholism stay with us while he tried to rehabilitate himself, and we tried to talk some sense into my pregnant, teenaged niece). I feel like a character out of "Little Women", but thankfully without chilblains (although this lingering respiratory illness feels dangerously nigh unto consumption). It's probably no wonder I've been feeling depressed.

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hughman said...

i love the idea of an alchoholic coming to stay with the "drunken housewife" for rehab.

but i admire your virtue. i only wish i was as patient.