Friday, February 16, 2007

seven, only seven

So it turns out that the world was going to come to an end, but Vincent van Gogh picked me to go on the special alien rescue ship, and I got Iris wedged in there (sorry, Lola and Anton). We were allowed to take only eleven of van Gogh's paintings, and I was only allowed to bring seven books. Only seven!

I picked "War and Peace" (after some dithering over "Anna Karenina") and Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone", and then I was at a loss. Bring a collection of "The Goon", one of the greatest comics of all time? Bring new books so for a few days at least I'd have something new to read? A Bible? In my dream, I had more trouble over this than leaving Lola and Anton on the soon-to-be-rubble earth.


hughman said...

war and peace over madame bovary or the remembrance of things past? at least you thought about what to cook on the alien planet.

poor anton. poor lola. poor frowsty (and the other one). perhaps rembrandt will land soon and rescue them too.

Unknown said...

I have read all of "The Remembrance of Things Past", and I read "Madame bovary", but I have to pick Tolstoy over Proust and what'shisname, Flaubert.

I was at my favorite comics store today, the Isotope, and I told this dream to James, the very-easy
-to-talk-to owner, telling him that "War & Peace", "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone', and "The Goon" made the cut but I couldn't decide on what else. He said, "A cookbook? That's genius." Like you, Hughman, he's a practically ideal audience.