Sunday, December 24, 2006

the best compliment in ages

We were playing sardines tonight, after hosting a little get-together, and Lola said to Anton as they were seeking, "Mommy is the best hider in five thousand years."


Anonymous said...

Damn, you must be good.

Anonymous said...

i only wonder who was the champ 5000 years ago and how lola knows them!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the best compliments EVER.

My favorites usually involve cooking. Once I was away on a business trip and left a roast cooking in a crock pot on the counter that morning.

My daughter walked into the house that afternoon with her dad, and told me later on the phone, "there was the most beautiful smell that you had left for us."

I still cherish those.

And the ones when my daughter who is taller than me tells me that I'm still beautiful, even though I'm old and fat (it's all relative).