Sunday, December 10, 2006

weird Iris

I asked seven year-old Iris to tell me six weird things about herself.

#1: "I'm book-smart."

#2: "That I like to be weird."

#3: "One is that I like rats and I get scared if there is one that is not in a cage."

#4: "That I'm weird."

#5: "That I'm kind of smarter than a bunch of older people, in a way."

#6: "Also that I dip my french fries in my milkshake."


Anonymous said...

ok. the french fry thing is weird.

(i kid. your kids sound perfect)

2amsomewhere said...

I find it fascinating that she makes a distinction between "liking to be" and "being" weird.

I think a lot of people go through their lives unaware that their might be a disconnect between what they like to be and what they really are.

Anonymous said...

My oldest also does the same crazy thing. I just wonder, what drives them to such creativity?

Anonymous said...

Great point 2am.

On the french fry thing, it's the salty of the fries along with the sweet of the milkshake. Add to that the crunchy of the fries and the creamy of the icecream.

Adults do the same thing, chips and salsa is a good example.

Tell Iris that instead of my usual M&M's and popcorn I will try her french fries and milkshake next time I need a fix!

Brit said...

frech fries dipped into a frosty is my favorite treat from Wendy's! ( probably since I was Iris's age)

by the way- instead of writing my papers I'm reading your fascinating archives. Lovely way to procrastinate!