Thursday, December 14, 2006

like a bad dream

We were trying to put four year-old Lola to bed, and she resisted. "It's like a bad dream! IT'S THE WORST NIGHTMARE IN HISTORY!"

Aside from a sense of hyperbole, the child also has a well-developed sense of nostalgia. Putting her head down on her arms on the table, she mused yesterday, "I wish I were three again."


Anonymous said...

boy are you gonna have fun when she's a teenager.

Anonymous said...

she isn't a drama queen or anything... oh no.

Aya said...

Movies and Books = Awesomeness.

hughman said...

btw, "IT'S THE WORST NIGHTMARE IN HISTORY!" is my new favorite phrase.

even if everyone just looks at me like i'm kookoo.

Anonymous said...

that is totally true. Hughman loves that phrase now. He sends it in EVERY email!
thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

LOL I feel ya, I have 4 year old twin daughters! I can definetely say "IT'S THE WORST NIGHTMARE IN HISTORY!!" and mean it ROFL