Friday, October 06, 2006

ah, romance

We had a six year-old over for a playdate yesterday, and this little girl has her romantic future in mind. Conversation between two first graders, overheard by your Drunken Correspondent:

"Iris, do you know how to treat a boyfriend?" (my alarmed, eavesdropping ears perked up)

Iris made a noncommittal noise.

"If you're feeling love for somebody, then you have to show it. Like you say you have two socks, so you'll give them one. Or maybe you have two pairs of socks, so you give them one pair. Or you have two dead rats, then you can give them one."

Hmmm, I have had the problem before of having dead rats on my hands (if the weather's bad and a pet has passed away, I've been known to store the tiny dear departed in the freezer. I've had to warn guests before who were going for ice, "Don't freak out, there's a dead rat in there!"). It never occurred to me to use the corpse as a love token.


Anonymous said...

Come on. As I understand it, you're divorced. And you NEVER had the thought to hand your soon to be ex a dead rat? And there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, mission accomplished, next paige please!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Silliyak, I was the nicest divorcing woman you ever met... I was probably the nicest divorcing woman in history up until my friend DJ Mermaid got a divorce, and she outdid me in grace and generosity. I felt guilty over filing for a divorce (indeed, I stuck in there for a couple of years towards the end of the marriage, waiting for it to get better, because I felt so conflicted and loyal to my ex). I'll undoubtedly blog about that stuff some other time.

Scribbit said...

Sounds like she has the makings of a great stalker. Dead animals as love tokens, that's beautiful. Kind of a Fatal Attraction kind of thing. :)