Monday, October 23, 2006

Iris and I accept a challenge

Iris obtained a postcard advertising World GO VEGAN Days, October 27-29, 2006, featuring hunky vegan spokesmodel Kenneth G. Williams. (Yes, I am not the alpha vegetarian in this family; Iris is always happy to inform anyone of how she saw her mother eat a fish before and a fish is not a vegetable; she used to call me MommyLovesMoogieFisheater back when her self-anointed nickname was "Moogie"). After some brief discussion, we agreed to take a Vegan Challenge and eat vegan for the three days of World GO VEGAN Days.

It turns out that Iris had previously asked Anton about vegans and what they eat. "And Anton said the only things they can eat besides vegetables is salt and water."

"That's crazy! For example, pasta is vegan if you don't put cheese on it. You can eat all kinds of pasta. And grains. And breads."

"Well, Anton said the only things he could think of were salt and water."

"If you have a question about food, don't ask your father. That's stupid."

So we'll see how we do. The biggest sacrifice for Iris will be chocolate milk (but I'll get her some Soy Dream or something like that); for me, it will be Parmesan cheese.

Coincidentally, Lola has just figured out that there is such a thing as a vegetarian and that we are that thing. She has taken to musing, "I think this is good for vegetarians" about a wide variety of things, ending in this morning's showing of a sheet of stickers. "I think these are good for vegetarians," she said somewhat doubtfully.


Anonymous said...

Does Iris know that she will end up looking just like the person in the picture?

Freewheel said...

We're not vegan, but we've found some good recipes in the Vegan Handbook, which is put out by VRG.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Silliyak, I think EVERYONE should look like Kenneth G. Williams. I don't think I have much chance of converting the old husband to veganism... and I must be careful not to type anything disloyal to the beloved spouse here... but let's just say that Kenneth G. Williams is a rather, ummm, convincing role model for the vegan diet. I have another picture of him on my desk, from Iris's postcard, and it's a compelling image, all right.