Sunday, October 08, 2006

waiting by the telephoooooooooooone

or actually, by the computer. A friend went to the hospital yesterday morning to have a baby, and there's been no word yet which has trickled down to me. Now, normally I wouldn't be that concerned; I'd assume the best and want to give the family some space while they celebrated the new arrival and the new mother recovered. But in this instance, the friend had surgery during her pregnancy for brain aneurysms, and there were some medical concerns about the effect pregnancy might have on her brain, as one aneurysm could not be completely repaired. She was most likely going to be c-sectioned.

I called the house today, hoping to get my friend's mother who would be looking after her existing child, and left a message. I'm not going to do anything else which would be pesky.

UPDATE: a fabulous looking baby was born; I have seen a picture. I haven't heard any details about how the process went, but the mother has lived to tell the tale. Everyone's glad that's over.

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