Saturday, October 07, 2006

quasi-divine husband

The Sober Husband has outdone himself today. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep due to a horrible cough (I've had this respiratory bug since mid-August). He let me stay in bed until 10:30, and when I got up, he was making blueberry pancakes with the children. Usually his cooking is, well, subpar to say the least (he makes a fine Ramen noodle, but don't ask for more than that), but the pancakes were fabulous.

After breakfast, he was cozily teaching Iris about prime numbers, and now he's down in the garage starting the Horrible Project I Am So Far Behind On And Consumed With Guilt Over, refinishing an antique child's rolltop desk to be sold at Iris's school's fall festival... which is coming up very, very soon. He promised earlier this week to strip the desk so I could paint it, and he's getting started.

Also, last night he went to some trouble to get me copies of "Project Runway" so I can get caught up before the season finale. I need to reward all this fabulosity somehow...

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Trouble said...

I'm sure a bj will be sufficient if he's anything like the man in my life.