Tuesday, August 07, 2012

ask the supporting characters, er, stars

"Do you remember when you did 'Ask The Lola' on your blog?" said little Lola wistfully the other day.

"Of course!" I said.

"Can you do that..." Lola began to ask, but she was interrupted by her big sister.

"Ask Iris!  Do 'Ask Iris' again!  That was better!"

So submit your questions, to either Iris, Lola, or both, and we'll get back with answers!


Silliyak said...

Should there be a "Burning Woman" event? Where? What would it be like?

Anonymous said...

Lola, is it fun to be the Fun Police?

Iris, is it fun to be 'evil'?

Anonymous said...

Iris, who is your best friend at your school?

Lola, what is your favorite word?

Anonymous said...

What is the best advice your sister has ever given you?
What is the worst advice your sister has ever given you?

Carroll said...

This is for either or both of your young sages:

What advice would you give to a nine-year-old girl who is starting 3rd grade at a new school where she doesn't already have any friends?

Also (and this might require a bit of research) Boy Band fan behavior in the 60's (Beatles, etc) and now: (Jonas Brothers, One Direction, etc.) Compare, contrast and express your own opinion if you happen to have one.

(I mean about the fan behavior, not necessarily those particular bands)

Carroll said...

Oh! And also (if you have time)...Please describe some of your mother's cooking projects for us. Successes? Failures? Your personal Favorites? Do either of you like to cook too? Do you get to use the Aga?

pie_ho said...

In conjunction with the new school question, I'd like your tips on transitioning from the normal school to the gifted.

Anonymous said...

A question for Iris:
the Mars Rover landing- real or another fake?

Jane said...

Iris, what one fashion item would you consider a must-have for the back-to-school season?

Lola, I'm buying a new couch this week. What color should I get?

Carroll said...

OK, fine...since none of the questions submitted thus far by the eager reading public seem to have struck a chord sufficient to generate a response, how about "What question do you most wish someone had asked that you would really have loved to answer?"

the Drunken Housewife said...

Sorry, they are egotistical and love the limelight but are also lazyish and have camps this week. We'll get it all answered!

Carroll said...

I'd be nagging much more often were it not for the COMPLETELY indecipherable captchas of late.

I can relate to "lazyish" ;-)