Sunday, August 05, 2012

soundbites from around the home

- I talked to the Sober Husband about how this health competition I am in, with friends, has upset my cooking mojo.  Previously I'd been cooking a lot, and the Sober Husband would arrive home to find me slaving over my beloved Aga, but now I'm eating things like low fat cottage cheese with fresh scallions or goatsmilk yogurt for dinner.

The Sober Husband burst out passionately with "I'd rather have a fat wife that cooks than a thin wife!"  I hugged him consolingly.

- One of the offspring was holding forth about how wrong it is that parents can name children before their personalities were evident.  "I should have been named Evil Villain of Awesomeness!"

- Sweet Lola is worried about her mother's sojourn to Burning Man.  "You need to bring lots of sunscreen, water, and A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!" Lolz said repeatedly.

"I'm not planning to start any fires, Lolz," I said, but Lola was adamant and Iris scoffed. "Its Burning Man; there's going to be stuff on fire everywhere!"

"Yes, but I'm not setting it on fire."

Iris rolled her eyes sarcastically.  "BURNING... MAN.  It says 'burning.'  There's stuff on fire everywhere."

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