Monday, February 20, 2012

from Barcelona, my gift to you

Towards the end of our stay in Barcelona, we discovered a bar named D-luz near our hotel, which specializes in "gintonics", which is what Catalonians call "gin and tonics."  These gintonics were very creative, using only gin and tonic water for fluids but adding a bizarre-to-the-American-eye assortment of solid ingredients selected to complement each of a large number of gins.

Over the course of a couple visits, between the two of us the Sober Husband and I got through every gintonic on the menu, a feat which the inordinately handsome metrosexual bartender congratulated us upon enthusiastically.  My favorite of these gintonics was the one that seemed the strangest to me, and here is how it was made for me:

Take a large, sturdy stemmed glass (like the one in the picture above).  Slice up some fresh strawberries and strew many of the slices in the glass.  To the extend you can pound them without breaking the glass, do so with whatever pounding implement you have on hand.  Add a lot of ice to the glass.  Pour in a shot of Tann's (a Spanish gin I had never heard of before).  Next, gently insert a grooved pouring-stick into the glass (I dont even own such a thing, but am determined to acquire one).  Pour Schweppes tonic over this stick, so that not a single bubble forms due to some physics concept which the Sober Husband immediately grasped.  Fill glass to top.  Give it a little stir with the grooved pouring-stick.  Take a generous pinch of chocolate sprinkles, the ordinary kind which you might put on a child's ice cream cone, and add to the glass.  Que aproveche!


Claire M. Johnson said...

Sounds like you had a great trip!

Valerie said...

Thank you! I know what I will be drinking tonight. Mine will probably be bubbly though since I do not own or know where to buy a grooved pouring-stick.

Nonymousgoatsepants said...

" so with whatever pounding implement you have on hand."

Hmmm.... said...

Thank you very much.

Fellmama said...

OT, but I thought you might appreciate this:

(The bride is very slight acquaintance of mine.)

A Brilliant Future Behind Me said...

Sounds heavenly.

Anonymous said...

They got SILLYST and SHILLYR and HOURPORE..and that 's RICK the PRICK with MEESE.
So you tell KENCO - USTECO- STONCO, the GIG with GUY is UP and so is SINSUPP !