Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a house full of little dogs

Last weekend Pigwidgeon the idiotic African grey parrot was making a racket during my Warcraft raid. Although I was using a headset with its own microphone when I talked to the raid team, evidently they could hear Pig when I spoke. "Oh! You've got a little dog there!" said one of my team members. "What kind of dog is it?" I could hear the others laughing after I sheepishly said, "That's not a dog. It's a demented parrot."

Recently Iris, a huge fan of "Pearls Before Swine", called into a radio talk show and got to play Trivial Pursuit with cartoonist and fellow recovering lawyer, Stephan Pastis. Iris felt a bit shy and got me to help her, and little Lola shrieked uncontrollably with excitement. "I see you have a little dog there," said the affable Stephan Pastis. "Uh, no," I said. "It's a little girl." Lola shrieked all the louder with joy and amusement at being mistaken for a dog by a famous person.


hughman said...

Now all you have to do is teach Lola how to Sit and Heel!

Anonymous said...

My bird gets confused with a Pterodactyl. Fits right in, in Un'goro.


the Drunken Housewife said...

Boyah! Where are you playing these days? I started a goblin priest on Doomhammer, but I'm mostly on Earthen Ring... but also I've been sometimes playing my old draenei on Drenden bec. I want to see the Cata content on the Alliance side.