Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pigwidgeon's speech report

Yesterday I was ignoring noisy Pigwidgeon, our moronic young African grey parrot, who was in disgrace over a nipping incident, until she croaked out a rough, "Hel-lo?" Delighted I cooed back, "Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello, Piggle!"

"Meow? Mrrow! Myow! Meow?" retorted Pigwidgeon, following up these cat noises with some unnerving imitations of a child with a headcold snuffling up snot. The word "hello" was not heard again.


Carroll said...

I tell ya, Carole, that bird is going to surprise the $hit out of you one of these days. I bet he's storing it all up. Like our language-delayed first-born son that bird is going to cock his head at you when you least expect it and spout out a complete and coherent compound sentence. Heck, maybe the Sober Husband has been teaching him to recite Shakespeare when you're not around and they're gearing up for a surprise recital :-)

the Drunken Housewife said...

Nothing would make me happier, but sadly the bird just doesn't show any signs of powerful cognitive activity. Meanwhile the green parrot seems to be stimulated by the presence of another bird and is picking up much more language.