Thursday, March 03, 2011

training up a child

Yesterday Iris uber Alles's fifth grade class spent the day touring three hospitals, courtesy of the numerous parents who are surgeons and physicians. At one point the girls were shown a machine designed to teach surgeons how to perform a particular operation, and they were encouraged to try it. Iris reported that she was the only one who could do it correctly.

"You were supposed to be moving these kinds of scissors, like you would in an operation where you have these things you're moving with remote controls [I understood this all too well, having once awakened during exactly this sort of surgery. It was like an alien abduction, mysterious gowned figures bent over huge machines]. No one else could do it, because your perspective was off. You were seeing it from above, kind of from on the side and above. But I have World of Warcraft fingers, and I could do it! It was just like playing World of Warcraft."

"Did they say you'd make a great surgeon?"

"Yes. Yes, they did. It was so easy, because I have World of Warcraft fingers! And I was the only one who did it right!"

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Silliyak said...

Great, now you're going to have to check yourself for fresh scars every morning!