Friday, September 12, 2008

so many changes in this world

Driving home with Lucy after the end of the Very First Week of Kindergarten, Lucy remarked, "School is called Sucky Suck Suckington!" We laughed. Lucy is having a hard time adjusting to getting up early each morning, and she is still sussing out the other girls.

We passed a Muni bus with an ad for the Chronicle on the side which read, "All About You and Your Family." "It is NOT all about me and my family," Lucy remarked acerbically. Then she stopped to think. "All good things are about me and Mommy and Daddy! All bad things are ABOUT IRIS!" She liked that thought so much that she repeated it a few times.

I reminded Lucy that she had her dance class later, with her preschool friend, Isabelle. "Won't that be good to see Isabelle?"

"Of course, Mom-zoid," said Lucy irritatedly. "But there have been so many changes in this world!"

In a surprising change in this world, Lucy seems to be on the ascendant in the sibling rivalry wars. Iris complained to me this morning that Lucy hadn't acknowledged her when Iris deigned to stop by Lucy's kindergarten class. Iris had expected to be shown off like royalty, with Lucy bragging about having a glamorous older sister, but instead "she acted like she didn't know me!" I asked what Lucy should have done, and Iris decided Lucy should have looked at her.

"Next time, Lucy, look at me!"

"Look at who?" said Lucy dreamily.


hughman said...

well at least she can read muni ads!

the Drunken Housewife said...

She's reading at about a second grade level, despite having gone to a non-academic, play-based part-time preschool and having a lazy mother. It's completely self-taught: she saw us reading all the time and just, through force of will, taught herself to read.

Lucy is scarily gifted. I don't write about it much because people hate reading about brilliant children; it comes across as tacky boasting, but she's scary smart. It's fascinating how her severe speech defect camouflaged her weirdly outsized intellect for a couple of year.

How to Party with an Infant said...

Love this--it's like reading a passage out of a novel.