Thursday, September 18, 2008

the further adventures of Cupy

This morning the children were extra sleepy, and it was hard to get them dressed and breakfasted and ready to go. However, five year-old Lucy snapped out of her lethargy at one point. "Where's Cupy?" she squawked.

Cupy, the Slushee cup she brought home from the movies, normally resides in the dining room, next to the wine rack, but he wasn't there this morning. Lucy ran about frantically, until the Sober Husband spotted Cupy in the kitchen, next to the knife rack. Lucy carefully carried Cupy back to his normal place.

"There! Now Cupy is in his palace!"

The Sober Husband noticeably stifled a laugh. "Cupy has a palace," he observed to me.


Unknown said...

Since Cupy now has a palace, I believe he should also have a throne. Perhaps Lucy can make one as an arts and crafts project.

hughman said...

palaces need a moat too! concentrate on the moat!