Wednesday, September 10, 2008

recent Lucyisms

Lucy put on a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. "Don't alarm Iris, but I'm not Lucy!"


In a caring, instructive voice, five year-old Lucy told her mother, "If you see a vampire --- (she paused here to make sure her mother was paying attention) -- go LIKE THIS." Lucy demonstrated clasping her hands around her throat. "Then the vampire can't get any blood!" She made sure her slow-witted mother grasped the mechanics and significance of this protective act before running off in pursuit of Iris.


Morbidly Lucy expressed the desire to die soon. "Then I would have all my birthdays at once! Then you would come to me, and Daddy would come to me. But Iris will go to hell! Even if she doesn't want to." The idea that you get all your birthdays at once in heaven is a new theological nugget in the Lucy creed.


Anonymous said...

but what a let down day 2 in heaven must be.

Unknown said...

You should have a name for Lucy's strange religion.