Wednesday, November 21, 2007

vampire fairies

Iris and Lola are dancing and pretending to be fairies. "We are frolicking, and I am the center of attention," instructs eight year-old Iris Uber Alles. "Frolic around me!"

They get thirsty, and I give them goblets of sparkling cider. "We could put blood in there, "suggests five year-old Lola.

"We are fairies! Fairies don't drink blood!"

"You could be vampire fairies," I suggest, inspired by Lola's "witch fairy" costume for Halloween.

"Vampire fairies!" They run off into the next room.

"We drink this after we kill a human," instructs Iris in a low voice. "Grab a human and bite it!"

"Death of a human!" shouts Lola merrily.

"We celebrate the death of a human!" They dance to the Mozart CD playing loudly.

"We are so happy! Blood of a human!"


hughman said...

i ran into a neighborhood six year old today. (one whose daddies i know).

you're so sassy! i tell her.

she looks at me dissapprovingly. you are an old man she replies.

i slink back to polly.

FENICLE said...

You all lead a very imaginative life!!!

hokgardner said...

Oh lord, that kind of play would induce nightmares around here. Biggestgirl, thanks to a Bella Lugosi film from 1934 she watched with daddy, is now terrified of vampires. She sleeps with a head of garlic on her bedpost.

the Drunken Housewife said...

Wow, I love the idea of a child sleeping with garlic! If she should ever develop a fear of alien abductions, tell her to sprinkle salt around her bed (a tip I got from a book about alien abductions... hands down one of the most unintentionally entertaining books I ever read).

Lola is just getting over a phobia of venus fly traps. She's not always so fierce.