Sunday, November 25, 2007

easily impressed

Five year-old Lola often says, with a sage expression on her face, "Only God knows the future!" (Lola has taken to religion lately and recently informed me that she had prayed for the Tooth Fairy to come).

Recently Iris and Lola were in the kitchen, and Iris announced, "I'm going to fart" and then followed through on her promise.

In tones of awe, Lola inquired, "Iris, how did you know the future?"

Only God and Iris know the future. But can Iris summon the Tooth Fairy?


Silliyak said...

I think you misheard. It was the "Poot fairy"

hughman said...

at least she warns everyone. polly is a silent fart machine.

Vodalus said...

Do you think that she's decided to become religious just to annoy the resident militant atheist?