Friday, January 25, 2013

describe me

The little paragraph describing this blog is woefully out of date.  I virtually never drink any more, certainly not "too much."  I exercise more than three regular middle-aged people combined (hell, maybe more than ten regular middle-aged people).   I'm more fit than the Sober Husband these days, always eager to point out when he is out of breath and I'm not.

Fabulous prizes await if someone writes me a pleasing yet roughly accurate soundbite for this blog!


Anonymous said...

The writings and rantings of an overeducated, feminist stay-at-home parent who probably exercises too much, thinks too much, and doesn't drink enough.

Carroll said...

OK, my heretofore secret crush on Anonymous, is beginning to burst at the seams.

I'm thinking you really don't need to look any further for your blurb, Carole.

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks, be fair, Carole wrote most of it. :-)

iris said...

it's not a "soundbite" unless it's actually sound. Written words are not a sound bite.