Saturday, November 17, 2012

it's that special time of year

It's that magical time of year, when I am constantly reminded that I am unlovable (the only person in the world who has ever genuinely loved me after getting to really know me is the Sober Husband, and that's probably because by then he was stuck with me), unloved, unlikeable, and mostly unliked.  Also, I've lost the one advantage life gave me, which was that for a while I was pretty damn good-looking.  I was an ugly child, a hideous adolescent, and then I blossomed into a hot chick, but that didn't last long enough.  I have lived too long past my sell-by date.

Yes, it's birthday season!  Happy fucking another year older to me.  I can't wait until it's over.  The actual day is Tuesday, but the dread and funk arrive ahead of time.


Anonymous said...


I often think of you at this time of year because I know it's a bad time for you. I think this blog (and your FB) show you that you are both likable and liked (not to mention lovable and loved). I also think that you are about waaay more than how you look (though recent photos show you to be looking pretty damn good) - you are an extraordinarily intelligent and witty person.

Thinking of you and wishing you well,


Anonymous said...

As my husband is deceased, the alternative to dying is having a birthday. I'm glad you're alive! You're a WONDERFUL mother, wife, and friend, and I'm so proud and pleased to know you!


NonymousGoatsePants said...

Happy Birthday!

P.S. I'd still bang ya', but I'd cover you in gravy first. I'm weird like that.

2amsomewhere said...

Wishing you the best in spite of all the darkness that usually surrounds this day of the year for you.


GodsKid said...

Have you tried giving away some of the extra birthdays? People born on Feb 29 might love to have a few extra of them. :D Your adoring public loves ya!

the Drunken Housewife said...

Thanks, everyone, especially Goatsepants, who made me smile. I'll tip you off if I'm ever single.