Thursday, November 01, 2012

even kittens

Even kittens can't cheer me up.


drsarahcl said...

You need to take Iris's advice and watch "baby monkey riding backwards on a pig"
I have blazenly stolen it and shared it with my students for the last couple of years on the day we discuss mood disorders (I teach counselling and addictions). The view that it shows what depression is like, (and what all of us experience sometimes when life throws crap at us and we have to hold on while not seeing where we are going) hasproven to have been helpful to loads of my students and their clients!
And if the catchy tune and cute animals doesn't work first time then move on to more Parry Grip - "cat flushing a toilet" "boogie boogie hedgehog" etc. At least it is completely able to give your mind a break from everything for a while :)
Big Hugs, and as we say in New Zealand "Kia Kaha" (stand strong)

nonymousGoatsePants said...

Hmm... I thought the pig was the depressed one. because, you know, he can't shake that monkey off his back.

Wrong again! I'm gonna go back to downloading porn...

Anonymous said...