Friday, November 02, 2012

annoying coworker

Lately I've been thinking that perhaps it's time for me to get a job.  However, in one of my volunteer positions, I have been working closely with someone who irritates me profoundly, and this is making me remember all of the annoying coworkers I've ever had.  I realized I had been  remembering all the paychecks and happy hours and nicest clients, not thinking about the psycho bosses, insane deadlines, and other unpleasantnesses.

Today my annoying co-volunteer was especially annoying, and I thought perhaps instead of vowing to get a job,  I should instead vow to never work in any office again.  I shared some of my thinking with the Sober Husband and Lola.

"I was romanticizing the work world.  I was just thinking, 'Oh, there's always someone to go to lunch with or out for drinks.'"

"I feel like I live in the movie 'Office Space'", the Sober Husband shared.

Little Lola, who has never actually held a job, for inscrutable reasons of her own found what I had to say hilarious.  Between guffaws, she asked, "You thought that?  Lunch?  Drinks?"  She slapped her leg in amusement.


Claire M. Johnson said...

My son was devotee of the Steve Carrell "the office" for years. When he would be in peals of laughter I would sit there and just stare. One day he accused me of having no sense of humor. I said to him, "You are sixteen. You think this shit if hilarious because you've never had a job. This isn't comedy. I've had bosses like Michael. That behavior isn't so funny when it's actually real." He said I was being "momish."

Anonymous said...

I so agree --- I never "got" The Office, as I had asshole bosses and co-workers and it's not funny when it's actually real! As for "drinks" --- I make it a point not to socialize with the people I work with. A boundary I hold dear! /dawn