Wednesday, August 03, 2011

what they talk about when I'm not there

The other day the children and I were at a cafe, and eleven year-old Iris left the table for a while. When she returned, she asked her little sister and I what we talked about while she was gone. The truth was that we hadn't said anything of any substance, but Iris wasn't sure she was was getting the full truth. "I want to know what you people said when I'm not there," she said crankily. "I always want to know what people talk about when I'm not around."

"Usually we talk about Lola," said Lola modestly. I agreed.

Turning the tables, I asked the children, "You two talk a lot, and then you get real quiet when I come around. What do you guys talk about when I'm not there?"

Lola was happy to answer that. "Usually we talk about doughnuts and pizza and how they are basically the same thing." Nonplussed I looked at Iris. "It's true, we really do talk a lot about that," she confirmed.

Lola merrily continued. "They really are the same thing, but sometimes people confuse it. Like when someone who usually gets pizza goes to Dunkin Donuts. That confuses the issue of pizza and doughnuts being the same in ways that words can't explain, that you would need a graph to show."


NonymousGoatsePants said...

Doughnuts and pissa arenot the same! Doughnuts and coffe mugs are the same. Ask SH for confirmation.

NomiestGussyPansy said...

Pissa... Hah!

Claire M. Johnson said...

You really haven't heard the dregs to which conversation can shrink until you hear a bunch of sixtee-year-old boys jiving at each other for an hour. I don't think a single pronoun was used the entire time.

Anyway, you might like this site. I think the recipes here sound marvy. My daughter's made a few, and she says that uniformly they are really good. Plus she's a vegetarian--not that these two are related--and she's also a picky eater, and she cooks off of this site all the time.

Claire M. Johnson said...

sink. SINK!

hughman said...

how many times can one have the donut vs. pizza debate? 20, 30 tops.

Anonymous said...

I remember being astonished to learn at a cooking class that bagels and pizza basically ARE the same thing. I certainly did not have that insight at 11.