Friday, August 26, 2011

did you ever want to do an interactive art piece at Burning Man without having to go there?

Once again I'm heading out to Burning Man, to pad around barefoot in the dust and marvel at world-class works of art, to make champagne cocktails for my campmates, and hopefully to keep my tent and shade structure erect no matter what storms come. (Meanwhile the Sober Husband, who will be holding down the fort at home, vows that he will turn the house into a model of cleanliness and order. Poor Pigwidgeon the dimwitted parrot will be restricted to her cage, and the children will be performing much more housework than normal. The children quailed at this pronouncement).

I have an offer to make the readers: send me interesting mail at Burning Man, and I will do something artistic with it and document it here, giving you due credit. It's your chance to join the premier interactive performance art festival without having to drive all the way out to the middle of the Nevada Desert, get dirt on your clothes, or risk seeing hippies in person (incidentally despite what "South Park" says, Burning Man isn't a hippie event. It's no Grateful Dead concert; it draws more of a Wired magazine type. It's not surprising to me that Jeff Bezos held a staff retreat there).

Many of you are devoted readers indeed, and how do I reward you? Aside from the occasional "Comment of the Week", I don't. Here's yer chance!

How to play: mail your thing to

Hass (Carole)
c/o BRCPO 2.0 in the 9:00 Plaza
5:30 & D
Black Rock City, NV 89412

The sooner, the better, as Burning Man ends on Labor Day.

love, the DH

p.s. Do not send me anything which would get me arrested. That is all I ask.


Silliyak said...

How about a pole with strips of cloth or paper containing Comments of the "week"?

Carroll said...

Well, dayum! Before I left home last weekend I threw out a small pile of shed lizard skin that would have been *perfect* for this endeavor! Home now, but dryer lint and dust fuzzies from shedding dog seem to hold far less potential -- plus, the need to go to the actual post office in order to have a fig's chance of getting there by Saturday (assuming no mail delivery there on Sun/Mon. Psh :-( GREAT idea though! Can you somehow "materialize" our good wishes and do something creative with those??

NonymousGoatsePants said...

I'd mail my thing, but i'm kinda attached to it.

Maybe I'll send you a picture of my thing. Hmm... That might get me arrested.

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the Drunken Housewife said...

Well, you all suck, because the only mail I got was from the children (they sent me 2 telegrams and a care package). So I didn't have to create any ad hoc art, document it, and write about it. That could be for the best, though, given my legendary laziness.