Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lola's list --- with an addendum

I've owed Lola a reward for over a week now, since her amazing progress report came (at the girls' school, the children in lower school don't get letter grades; instead, they get long, thorough progress reports. Iris has just graduated to the upper school, where she'll get a report card and... the introduction of letter grades). I was waiting until Iris's report card came, as I suspected Iris would deserve a reward as well and then I could do them at the same time (last time, they got a trip to the shoe store and the shoes of their choice). But it seems Iris's report card won't come until after Christmas, and Lola is not to be denied that long. So I asked her to let me know what she'd like for a modest treat, and she presented me with a long list, and she couldn't say which thing she wanted most. I asked her to prioritize her list, and I suggested we let the readers weigh in. After a huge amount of thought, Lola came back with an edited list. Herewith The List Of Lola:
7. Limited amount of money to spend
6. A chumum (surprise or choice) [note: a chumum is what the children call the spherical stuffed animals created by the Luby people]
5. Day without chore (for me)
4. Trip to Mel's (without Iris) [note: Mel's is a horrible local chain restaurant, modeled after Al's from "Happy Days". The children cannot get enough of it. I can't stand paying $8.75 for a formerly frozen garden burger]
3. I am king for day and you must obey me
1. I get served candy and Gak in bed ["Gak" is what the children affectionately call chocolate milk]
The last item, numbered #2, was heavily scribbled out. I asked Lola about this, and she said her father made her cross it out. I asked her to restore it, and it was
2. Break from Iris (Iris mustn't talk to me and I won't do stuff for her.)
UPDATED: Lola has asked me to add another potential reward, "Being taken to see 'Tangled'", and she requests that the readers vote.

FINAL UPDATE: Lola was taken to see "Tangled", which she said was "better than I thought it would be!" She reportedly laughed out loud several times, and the chameleon was her favorite character. She wants to see it again.


J9 said...

I say number 3, as that would allow her to command that everyone do all of the other numbers, all on that same day.

hughman said...

well obviously #2.

GodsKid said...

#1 would be easiest for you to *do*. I assume that's not a priority for Lola, but it might matter to you!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the trip to see "Tangled". It's supposed to be really good.

Carroll said...

I think I'll vote for Tangled because I've heard that it depicts a strong, competent female heroine (with which Lola certainly should identify) and if that outing does not also include Iris, there's an element of #2. PLUS (oh hey hey, here you go!) if the progress report was all that and more, you could always take along a really big purse from which, at the appropriate moment you could whip out a ceremonial pillow (probably not quite bed-sized) some favorite candy, and a container of chocolate milk. What the heck, maybe she could even be allowed to go to the movie wearing jammies just to add to the effect. Stopping at Mel's for a snack on the way home? Probably overkill

pie_ho said...

I vote for going to see Tangled, just the two of you.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Tangled.

Good job on your progress report, Lola!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of serving her candy in bed. You could put it on a platter and do a fanfare. love, joyce

Emma-Louise said...

I vote for Tangled and copious amounts of candy - taken in a purse, of course, because kiosk prices are insano.
Good work Lola!