Friday, November 12, 2010

the patient complained of discomfort

Iris has been having knee and foot issues this fall, causing her to drop out of her school's cross-country team. I took her to a foot-and-ankle specialist (we went together on a Very Special Mother-Daughter outing and had our ankles x-rayed and our feet examined, as I was still in pain from my ankle injury from August). I ended up ordering her custom orthotics and buying her more expensive shoes (the specialist demonstrated to me how to pick shoes, showing me how to bend and prod them like they were produce).

This morning I complained how I'd gone out of my way to pick up the orthotics yesterday, but the receptionist turned me away on the grounds that the doctor was not in. "I didn't think I needed to see the doctor, I kept saying that they were supposed to be there, but no luck."

The Sober Husband once again ridiculed the idea of the orthotics. Hotly I stated, "Yesterday when I picked up Iris, she was walking weird. Upon questioning the patient complained of knee pain."

"Maybe we should get orthotics for her knees!" scoffed the Sober Husband.

"That's what the orthotics ARE for! They'll fix her knee pain!" I shot him a look.

We stood there in silence for a moment, contemplating Iris's pain.

Then I admitted, "Actually what I said to her yesterday was 'Why are you walking like a freak?'" and she said, 'Momdude, my knee hurts!'"

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GodsKid said...

I wish I had complained to my Mom rather than suffering for years! I got orthotics as an adult, and my feet (arches, in my case) feel MUCH better!