Tuesday, November 02, 2010

comment of the week & comment of the quarter

I hereby declare that Emma-Louise is our latest Comment O'The Week Winner for her charming anecdote:
I remember that my sister and I, on very long car trips from one end of the country to the other - which we were taken on, against my mothers better judgment, EVERY year, and upon which I partly blame my parents divorce - would talk in very nasal tones which we felt best embodied insurance salesmen, and would declare that just about everything was "very, VERY, UNproFESHunnawl!" and would not stop for bribe nor threat. My poor, poor mother.
And since I never got around to doing Comment of the Month for Aug, Sept., or October, I hereby declare Nonymousgoatsepants/Alan or whatever he calls himself these days as Commenter of the Quarter for the past quarter. Huzzah! If he dares, he may claim a prize by submitting a mailing address to drunkenhousewife@gmail.com. If he doesn't want to, then fine by me because then I won't have to trudge down to the post office to mail his fabulous prize.

Congrats to Emma-Louise and NonymousGoatsepants!


Emma-Louise said...

I am so pleased! I can't tell my mother about this as I am afraid she will tell me that you are legitimising my most horrible quirks...
But comment of the week is awesome :D

the Drunken Housewife said...

Well, I do feel her pain. These children are driving me to the snapping point with their car behavior. Last night I was tired and cranky, in part due to having eaten virtually nothing all day, and I lost my temper in the car coming back from voting & the Day of the Dead celebrations.