Friday, November 05, 2010

the forbidden toaster of mystery

"What did you buy with your allowance?" Iris asked me.

I thought. "Oh, I don't know. Not much. I didn't get that much allowance. Snacks, I guess."

"You know Chainsaw gets ten dollars a week?"

"Wow, she could save up for a chainsaw in no time." ("Chainsaw" is a friend of Iris's who likes to jump out and shout, "IT'S CHAINSAW TIME!" An urban child, she is fascinated by chainsaws).

"She's saving up for a toaster. She's obsessed with kitchen appliances."

"What, doesn't her family have a toaster already?"

"Yes, but she doesn't know where they keep it. She's not allowed to use it. She's not allowed to use most kitchen appliances. She asks for toast, and they make it, but she doesn't know where it is."

"How can she not know where it is? Can't she just watch them make the toast?"

"They keep it somewhere and won't show her where it is, maybe in the garage or something."

"Nobody keeps the toaster in the garage! It's got to be in a cabinet or something. She should just hang out in the kitchen and watch them make the toast."

"They won't tell her where it is. They make toast, and she just doesn't know where it comes from."

"They won't let her cook at all?"

"No. She's ten years old, and they won't let her use the toaster." Iris shook her head. "It's so weird."


J9 said...

That IS weird, and setting them up for having a chef as part of your last will and testament.

hughman said...

i would bet this is a ploy to get you to just make food for Iris when she wants it.

Unknown said...

I agree. That is weird. What's so terrible about a toaster that they need to hide it? Even the most imaginative kid can't turn a toaster into a chainsaw.