Friday, July 30, 2010

a parent's nightmare: they are comparing notes

Today we were driving with a little friend of Lola's in the car, and Lola and her friend fell into deep conversation, ignoring Iris and me. Lola's friend shared that she'd gotten her mom to make a "really big brownie", a giant mutant brownie. Lola wanted to know how that was possible, and her friend started to explain. "She made the brownie mix, I don't know how, and then put it all in a big pan.."

Lola interrupted. "No! How did you get her to do it?"

"Oh! I kept asking her, and I said, 'You never bake anything, and you can't make a good cake, and I don't really like cake, and we never have anything baked, and I really need something.' And I wouldn't leave her alone, and I kept asking. I would never leave her alone, not even when she was trying to nap, especially when she was trying to nap." She carried on like that at length, Lola listening attentively, no doubt storing up this child's wisdom.


Tania said...

Too funny!

Missy said...

See, this is what you learn from driving them around and pretending not to listen.

I heard an extended discussion (like something you'd hear from a Vegas bookie) on the likely candidates for Homecoming Queen this fall. It was very analytical and enlightening.

Silliyak said...

Kind of like Velociraptor's plotting?