Thursday, July 15, 2010

The animal songs

Today, I was bored. And I was staring at kittens, because they have dominated our house. And all of a sudden I started singing, because, as you know, human intelligence fails per proximity to a cat. Anyways, the song kept going on and on and eventually I decided it was very good and I would write it down:

Kittens Are Small
by Iris

You are kittens you are small
You know kittens are not tall
If you were tall you'd be 6 feet,
and that would not go with the beat.

You are kittens you are small
when you stand up you are tall
but only at the shopping mall,
which is not always fun for all.

Kittens, kittens, are so small,
I wish sometimes that you were all
a bit less short and more a quart.
Because, Because, Because,

You are kittens you are small!

Then I asked Momdude if she had a song for Pigwidgeon, our pet parrot who is supposed to be very smart, yet can not speak. It turns out Momdude did have a song. It went like this;

"You are a bird, you can't say a word, you poor dumb bird."

There was a silence. Then Momdude remarked that her song is the blues. Then I said, "My song is upbeat. Yours is the blues."


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hughman said...

i can't wait for the remix.