Friday, June 04, 2010


today i went to the orthodontist and he brought horrible news... BRACES!!!!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (running around the room screaming,).
i have lost all of my baby teeth and i have 2 wisdom teeth... so now i "can receive treatment", meaning get horrible horrible painful horrible braces and also wearing headgear! but i don't have to wear headgear at school...but still horrible!


p.s. from her mother: she has 2 "twelve year molars", not wisdom teeth, and also I got a parking ticket while we were at the orthodontist, Lola's earring got ripped through her earlobe in gym, and a bee flew in our car as I was driving, causing Lola to go into hysterics and nearly making me crash the car. It's been a lovely day! On the bright side, Iris's orthodontist is named Jetson Lee, which I consider possibly the best name ever. If you're going to have an orthodontist, it might as well be one with a breathtakingly awesome name. - the D.H.


hughman said...

you could get those cool colored things to put on your braces! hippies from the 60s would do that.

Silliyak said...

Actually it's much much worse than what you've been told.If they told people how REALLY awful it will be, no one would do it. Just trying to help ;)

hughman said...

ps. i really am sorry about your day but just picturing the bee in the car and lola going into hysterics made me LOL. i know, i'm terrible.

NonymousGoatsePants said...

When I was a kid, I had braces, too. I had this headgear that attached to tubes in my back teeth and exited through both sides of your mouth, kind of like antennae.

I'd always forget to wear it at night and have to wear it during the day to get the prescribed number of hours each day.

One day, while visiting my cousin in Kansas, we went to the town pool, and this little girl asked me, "Does them rust?" I answered, "No!" and stomped off as well as I could in neck high water.

In retrospect, she wasn't teasing me. She was just curious and asking innocently. It still pissed me off.

The only other vivid memory of braces I have is the first day I got them. I was kind of excited and went outside. One of my friends called me tinsel-teeth, so I punched him in the nose. Then his Mom told my Mom and I got in trouble. Hardly seems fair!

But, good news, while Googling for a picture of headgear, I see that they don't really use that or rubber bands anymore. Instead, the use a Forsus Appliance, although that looks like a serious amount of hardware to have in your mouth. Rubber bands and night braces were a real pain in the ass, and hard for a kid to comply properly. This is definitely a better solution!